Chapter 18 ENRICHD Social Support Instrument (ESSI)

18.1 Background

The ENRICHD Social Support Instrument (ESSI) was used to measure the participant’s range of social support in their life. Higher scores indicated higher levels of social support.

The ESSI consists of 7 items. The first 6 used a 5-point LiKert scale numbered 1 to 5. The 7th item is a yes/no question, scored 4 for yes and 2 for no. Total scores range from 8 to 34. More information is available from: (Mitchell et al. 2003)

18.2 Items included

The 7 items are:

  1. Is there someone available to you whom you can count on to listen to you when you need to talk?
  2. Is there someone available to you to give you good advice about a problem?
  3. Is there someone available to you who shows you love and affection?
  4. Is there someone available to help you with daily chores?
  5. Can you count on anyone to provide you with emotional support (talking over problems or helping you make a difficult decision)?
  6. Do you have as much contact as you would like with someone you feel close to, someone in whom you can trust and confide?
  7. Are you currently married or living with a partner?


Mitchell, Pamela H., Lynda Powell, James Blumenthal, Jennifer Norten, Gail Ironson, Carol Rogers Pitula, Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, et al. 2003. “A Short Social Support Measure for Patients Recovering from Myocardial Infarction.” Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 23 (6). Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health):398–403.