Chapter 1 Personal Information (Demographics)

1.1 Overview

The Personal Information form collected information on each participant including:

  • Age - computed from Date of Birth and visit date
  • Home address including zip code
  • Employment Information including employment status (part-time, full-time, etc) and affiliation (Emory, GA Tech, etc)
  • Birthweight, whether they were born premature and if so, by how many weeks
  • If they were adopted
  • Gender
  • Race (up to 3 races were provided allowing for multirace)
  • Ethnicity (Hispanic/Latino or not)
  • Marital Status
  • Children yes/no and if yes, how many
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Education as approximate years in school
  • Income by ordinal category levels
  • Birth City and State (and country)
  • Military service information (limited)