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Homework 1

Homework 1 is now posted on Github at https://github.com/melindahiggins2000/N741_Homework01_RMarkdown. Feel free to “FORK” this repository to your Github account or click “Clone or Download” and download the ZIP file to your computer.


Not it is your turn to try everything out.


Connect with GIT

On Local Computer

  • Create a folder that you will use for all of the projects and assignments in this course (e.g. C:/N741).

Run RStudio

  • Go to Tools/Global options, click on GIT/SVN - make sure your computer “sees” the GIT executable - on my computer it is C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git.exe
  • Create New Project, Using Version Control, GIT
  • From the Github repository, copy the URL to the clipboard, and make sure you create the project as a subdirectory of the folder you created for this course (e.g. C:/N741).

Make some changes and sync with Github

  • Open the README.md file
  • Make some changes - add a sentence or two
  • Notice the changes in the GIT TAB top right
  • We will follow 3 steps:
    • Add/Stage
    • Commit
    • PUSH
  • Try using the RStudio GIT TAB
  • and we’ll run again using the Terminal Window (or the GIT application)

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