Github Repositories

The files (R code, data, Rmarkdown files, etc) for this course have been placed into various Github repositories. Each of these repositories can be “Cloned or Downloaded (as a ZIP)” to your local harddrive for easy offline reference OR they can be “forked” so that a copy of the repository is “copied” into YOUR Github account. If you “fork” a copy be sure you are logged into your Github account first. Here are the Github repositories to date:

  1. Gapminder Example (given on 01/18/2017)
    • This repository contains the Rmarkdown (RMD) and related files associated with “Lesson 2” done on 01/18/2017. These RMD files showed some initial Rmarkdown syntax with R chunks showcasing examples from the gapminder package, based on the vignette at
    • This repository also contains an RMD file with some examples worked similar to what is expected for Homework 01.
  2. Private Repository for N741 at [This is a placeholder for now]

YouTube Videos for N741

Short helpful videos for N741:

  1. Installing R, RStudio, Creating and “knitting” your first simple Rmarkdown file
  2. Installing Git for Windows
  3. Worked Example and Hints for Homework 01
  4. Video tutorial for creating the Github output MD format at
    • This short (~5 min) video is on creating a “Github-flavored” markdown file. If you haven’t noticed yet, take a look back at your Github repository and look at one of your RMD files. You’ll notice that for the RMD file you can view the text and R code but no R output is shown. This is because the R code is not executed via Github (remember R is on your local machine not “in the cloud”). Instead, you need to create a “markdown” MD file that does have the R output included. To do this, there is a “github_document” output format you can use that will create a “github-flavored” MD (markdown) file that Github will display with both your R code and R output in the same document. See the RStudio documentation at
  5. Video on Publishing Your Reports to RPubs

YouTube Playlist for N741

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