Quick Reminder GIT commands

In general, consult the online book: “Happy Git and Github for the UseR” by Jenny Bryan http://happygitwithr.com/.

  1. Introducing yourself to GIT, see http://happygitwithr.com/hello-git.html - put in YOUR NAME and YOUR EMAIL that you used when you created your Github account
    • git config --global user.name 'First Last'
    • git config --global user.email 'userid@myemail.com'
    • git config --global --list
  2. Add/Sync files FROM local computer to Github account [BE SURE you are in the correct project folder]
    • Add/Stage git add .
    • Commit git commit -m "comment goes here"
    • PUSH git push
  3. Add/Sync files FROM Github cloud account to local computer [BE SURE you are in the correct project folder]
  • PULL git pull

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