Practical Data Science with R - Website

The website for the textbook, “Practical Data Science with R” is This supporting website has links to the code and datasets used in the book.

Github Repository for the Textbook

In fact, the majority of the links on the textbook website point to their Github repository at If you wish, you can “Clone or Download (as a ZIP)” the entire repository for easy offline reference.

Datasets Used in Textbook

The direct link to the Github zmPDSwR Repository folders is

The README file which loads at the bottom of the page linked above, lists the example datasets. Each dataset has a link to the folder with the data, associated files, and a description of the data and suggested analysis examples as presented within the textbook.

For example, see the worked example (done in Rmarkdown) for bioavailability, which presents an example of evaluating the “Caco-2 permeability assay”.

“Reproducible” Examples

The textbook repository also provides the Rmarkdown code/templates for worked examples from the book. See for complete files that can be “knitted” to “…set up the correct context to run each and every snippet extracted from the book…”

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