Problem Installing R Packages on Windows with Antivirus

UPDATE Also see this stack overflow post at - Open McAfee Endpoint Security on your computer - Click on THREAT PREVENTION - Scroll down a little and unselect (turn off) Enable On-Access Scan

Previously known issues…

  1. First read the post on at

  2. During your active RStudio session, at the command prompt you can run:

    • trace(utils:::unpackPkgZip, edit=TRUE)
  3. When the editing window pops up, scroll to line 142 and change

    • Sys.sleep(0.5) to
    • Sys.sleep(2)
  4. Click SAVE. This fixes the read/write time issue - BUT ONLY FOR THIS RSTUDIO SESSION YES, you will need to run during each RStudio session when you need to install new packages.

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